Saturday, September 5, 2009


Unstable life, unstable work, unstable relationship…why oh why?

Don’t know why either.

Maybe we could learn something at microscopic viewpoint.

As mentioned before, naturally electrons are unstable, except for inert gases, you’ll learn later why.

But first let me introduce you first to a very important tool – The Periodic Table!

(this is only a part of Periodic Table since I just took a print screen, if you want the complete version get it from )

The number of electrons an element has depends on the atomic number. It is the number that is usually placed as superscript.

So Hydrogen H has one valence electron, Helium He has 2 and so on.

The first energy level must be filled with 2 electrons to be stable, then the following energy levels must have 8 electrons.

So basically only those inert gases (on the most right side column) are stable and the rest of the elements seek their destined partners.


hyanne said...

Very informative blog, when I was in school..I always wished its already vacation so there is no more chemistry subject.

Liz said...

You already know na I'm a frustrated Chemical engineer. Haha. Your post reminds me of my college days. I love CHEM! ^_^ And may kilig moments sa periodic table. Hihi. :)

The Dreamer said...

if liz is a frustrated chemical engineer, I'm a frustrated chemist... but periodic table reminds me of high school when I believed I can actually invent something lol

nicquee said...

This post reminds me of 3rd year high when nobody in the class would answer to our chem teacher because we're afraid to give the wrong answer and will be punished to stand up in our chair where students from other sections can see us. :p