Friday, January 1, 2010


Let me greet you first a Happy New Year!

As we look back in year 2009, we wished there are things we could have done differently, right?

Many things in life are like irreversible reactions, that is, cannot be undone.

Irreversible reactions are chemical reactions where the reactants are completely converted into another material or product. It cannot be returned to its original component.

Reversible reaction on the other hand, as the term implies can be changed back into the original component or reactant.

Reactants are the substances that are combined while products are the result of the combination of reactants.

So an example of reversible reaction is water.

2H2 + O2 <---> 2H2O

Water (product) is formed by the reaction of Hydrogen and Oxygen (reactants). Then upon electrolysis, water can be reverted back to the original reactants.

If only we could do that to life.

So we had to be extra careful with our words, actions, decisions…

Because there is really no second chance in life.